When we talk about “What things do not break the fast,” it’s all about understanding the balance in our fasts (صيام). You know, fasting isn’t just about avoiding food and drink; it’s about knowing the dos and don’ts that keep our fasts intact. Whether it’s using surma, taking insulin injections, or even applying perfume, these actions maintain the essence of our fasts while we go about our daily routines. So let’s dive into this guide, unraveling the understanding of 16 key actions that keep our fasts valid and strong.

The Essence of Fasting

Fasting (الصيام), a central pillar of Islam, isn’t just about refraining from eating and drinking from dawn (الفجر) till dusk (المغرب). It’s about patience, self-control, and spiritual growth. But, you know, there are some actions that won’t interrupt your fast. They offer you a bit of flexibility in your daily life without compromising the essence of your fast.

1. Medical Drips and Injections: Do They Break the Fast?

So, let’s talk about medical drips and injections. Ever wondered if they break your fast? Well, the good news is, they don’t! But, it’s a bit of a hot topic among scholars. Some say it’s better to avoid them, just to be on the safe side. But if you really need them, no worries, your fast is still on.

2. Using a Thermometer: Is It Among the Things That Do Not Break the Fast?

Now, what if you’re feeling under the weather and need to check your temperature? Pop that thermometer in your mouth, and as long as it’s dry, you’re all good. Your fast is still valid. No liquid on it, no problem!

3. Conducting a Blood Sugar Test During Fasting

So, you’re wondering about blood sugar tests during fasting, right? Here’s the thing: testing your blood sugar won’t mess with your fast. You know, keeping track of your health, especially if you’re diabetic, is super important. Islam values health, so go ahead and do those tests. Your fast (صوم) is still valid!

4. Applying Lipstick: Does It Invalidate the Fast?

Okay, let’s talk about makeup, like lipstick. You might think, “Can I really wear it while fasting?” Absolutely, you can! Just make sure you don’t swallow any of it. We don’t want those particles messing with your fast. Keep it on the outside, and your fast is still strong and intact.

5. Swallowing Saliva or Nasal Fluid While Fasting

Now, this might sound a bit weird, but what about swallowing your own saliva or nasal fluid? Does that break the fast? Nope, not at all. It’s totally natural, and Islam is all about ease and practicality. Your body produces these fluids, and swallowing them is just part of being human. Your fast is still good to go!

6. Applying Oils or Fragrances: Permissible Actions During Fasting

Using oils or fragrances. Whether it’s for skincare or just smelling nice, you’re in the clear. Applying these doesn’t affect your fast. Islam encourages cleanliness and taking care of yourself, so feel free to use your favorite oils or perfumes. Your fast remains as solid as ever!

7. Removing Unnecessary Body Hair: Does It Affect the Fast?

So, thinking about tidying up and wondering if trimming or shaving unnecessary body hair is okay during your fast? Absolutely, it is! Islam teaches us cleanliness and self-care, so go ahead. Whether it’s shaving (حلاقة) or trimming, it’s all permissible. Your fast stays as valid as ever. After all, taking care of your body is part of Sunnah, and it doesn’t interfere with your fast.

8. Using a Miswak (Tooth-stick) and Fasting

Now, let’s talk about oral hygiene. Using a miswak (مسواك) to clean your teeth? That’s totally fine and doesn’t break your fast. In fact, it’s a Sunnah! It keeps your mouth fresh and clean, and that’s really important, especially when you’re fasting. So, brush away, and your fast will still be in perfect shape.

9. Cutting Nails: Included in Actions That Do Not Break the Fast?

What about cutting nails? No problem at all! Trimming your nails is a part of personal hygiene, and Islam is big on cleanliness. This simple act of grooming doesn’t have any effect on your fast. So, you can keep yourself neat and tidy without any worries.

10. Getting a Blood Test: Compatibility with Fasting

Thinking about getting a blood test but worried it might break your fast? No need to stress! Getting a blood test is perfectly okay and won’t invalidate your fast. It’s important to keep an eye on your health, and Islam encourages us to do so. Your fast remains intact and spiritually meaningful.

11. Bathing or Showering: Impact on the Fast

Now, bathing or showering – totally allowed. Feel free to take a bath or a shower, especially if it helps you stay refreshed. Just be mindful not to swallow any water. Keeping clean is a part of Islamic teachings, and it doesn’t interfere with your fast at all. Stay cool and clean, and your fast is still on track.

12. Breastfeeding While Observing a Fast

And what about breastfeeding mothers? Can they fast? Yes, they can! Breastfeeding while fasting doesn’t invalidate the fast. It’s all about balance and understanding your body’s needs. Islam gives special consideration to the health of mothers and babies, so if you’re breastfeeding, know that your fast is still valid and you’re doing great!

13. Applying Kohl (Surma) in Eyes During Fasting

Alright, let’s talk about kohl, or surma (سرمہ), in your eyes. You might be wondering, “Can I use it while fasting?” Absolutely! Applying kohl in your eyes doesn’t invalidate the fast. It’s a common practice, and it’s totally fine. It’s not just about looking good; it’s also a part of Sunnah. So, go ahead, enhance your eyes with surma, and keep your fast going strong.

14. Performing Ghusl (Ritual Bath): Does It Break the Fast?

Now, about performing ghusl (غُسل), the ritual bath. Whether it’s due to impurity or just wanting to clean yourself thoroughly, performing ghusl is totally okay and doesn’t break your fast. It’s essential, especially if it’s required for purification. Just remember not to swallow any water. Keep yourself spiritually and physically clean, and your fast is still valid.

15. Taking Insulin Injections: Are They Among the Actions That Don’t Break the Fast?

For all the diabetics out there, here’s some important info. Taking insulin injections during fasting? No worries, it doesn’t affect your fast. Managing your health, particularly your blood sugar levels, is crucial. Islam emphasizes the importance of health, so if you need your insulin, take it. Your fast is still on track.

16. Involuntary Vomiting and Its Effect on the Fast

Ever been worried about vomiting and if it breaks your fast? Well, if it’s involuntary, it doesn’t invalidate your fast. Sometimes, it just happens, right? It’s out of your control. And Islam is all about ease and understanding such situations. So, if you find yourself in this scenario, remember, your fast is still good. Just carry on with your day.


So, there you have it! Now we know “What things do not break the fast,” and it’s pretty clear that Islam offers flexibility in our daily lives during fasting (صوم). Whether it’s dealing with health issues or maintaining personal hygiene, our fasts remain strong and valid with these 16 actions. Remember, it’s about the intention (نِيَّة) behind the fast and understanding how to live our daily lives while still respecting the sacred practice of fasting.


Q: Does Applying Kohl (Surma) Affect ‘What Things Do Not Break the Fast’?

A: No, using kohl (surma) in your eyes is one of those actions that do not break the fast. It’s completely acceptable during fasting periods.

Q: Will performing ghusl (ritual bath) invalidate my fast?

A: Performing ghusl (غُسل), even if obligatory, does not invalidate your fast. Just be careful not to swallow any water.

Q: Can Diabetics Take Insulin Injections While Considering ‘What Things Do Not Break the Fast’?

A: Yes, insulin injections for diabetics are included in the actions that do not invalidate fasting. Managing health in this way is permissible during fast.

Q: Does involuntary vomiting break my fast?

A: Involuntary vomiting does not break the fast. If it’s not intentional, your fast is still valid.

Q: Is it okay to apply lipstick during fasting?

A: Yes, applying lipstick during fasting is okay, as long as none of it is ingested. If it’s not swallowed, your fast remains intact.